KAMORA Release Super-Charged New Single 'Feel Alive'

Published on 23 August 2022 at 11:48



Delivering anthemic indie rock that is parcelled in a supercharged summer buzz, Kamora’s latest single ‘Feel Alive’ is packed and ready to depart from Glasgow to enter your music stream.


Having formed in 2019, the Scottish outfit have already rubber stamped their band’s name on six stellar releases, including ‘Incomplete’, which has recently smashed over 11,000 streams on Spotify alone. Now, they add a seventh hit single through ‘Feel Alive'.


Kamora's signature sound is underpinned by memorable hooks enriched by atmospheric keys, chunky guitar segments and a tight rhythm section. Max Murphy dazzles on the vocals, Stuart McKay leads on guitar and Dave Burón commands the drums. But in this song, you even get an ante-upping saxophone segment for good measure.


‘Feel Alive’ is a hasty, breakneck response to their earlier releases that echoed lighter sprinkles of melody and symphony. This track offers a deeper, more baritone soundscape, with the constant thudding of a drum being a highlight compared to the rest of the band’s catalogue of high energy releases.  


After boxing off gigs for This Feeling in February and selling out a headliner at Sneaky Pete’s in March, Kamora have been working hard for bigger and better plans in the future, so stick on ‘Feel Alive’, and then expect new limits to be reached shortly.