Sibling Pop Duo POLYDRIVE Release Great Second Track Of The Year 'Have To Make This Call'

Published on 26 August 2022 at 22:36

Photo: Collin Grant Tessier


Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma in the Unites States, POLYDRIVE are a bedroom pop duo made up of brothers Cam and Cole Tessier. They have just released their second single 'Have To Make This Call' which follows up their first release of 2022, 'By My Side' which has racked up almost 10,000 streams since its release.


'Have To Make This Call' is four years in the making, with the band taking their time perfecting their craft and it shows. Starting with an airy and tuneful introductory vocal melody, the song give way to Cole's endearing pop voice. A tender verse gains momentum before giving way to an anthemic chorus. The production is sublime; their quest for perfection achieved. 


With a variety of influences ranging from Phil Collins to Tame Impala, POLYDRIVE have a firm grip on what makes a great pop record. Back in 2020, they released their debut single, 'Not Me Anymore' which has amassed over 300,000 plays. 


Photo: Collin Grant Tessier


Recorded in their bedroom studio, Cam and Cole wrote and produced the track themselves. Fine tuning the song over the course of literally years, Cam had this to say: "We hope to see POLYDRIVE begin to blossom with these upcoming releases. I don't think we've ever felt more sure of ourselves as a band than right now. We are very excited for people to hear what we have been working on, and we feel so
blessed to have such a dedicated group of fans.  We hope to make them proud.".


The song for us is a welcome introduction to the world of POLYDRIVE. - two brothers creating perfect-pop anthems in their home studio and allowing the world to enjoy the fruits of their labour.  And for that we are grateful.


'Have To Make This Call' is out now on all major streaming platforms and you can listen to the track below.


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