This Year, Beabadoobee Reached The Next Level Of Her Artistic Evolution: Welcome Beatopia

Published on 30 August 2022 at 13:36

By Angus Sinclair


If you are a millennial and you haven’t been living under a rock, the chances are you’ve heard of Beabadoobee, or at the very least some of her most prominent work. 


Beatrice Lauss, professionally known as Beabadoobee, reached cult fame with the release of “Coffee” in 2017, a simplistic yet delicately endearing lullaby to a love affair, consequently guiding her to the top of the pool following the success of a fan-released video. What ensued was nothing short of tremendous, with the birth of a devoted following eclipsing dreams of the wildest nature. Unearthed was a voice derived from the sweetest of sound. A sound like a calm spring breeze, deftly drifting across rich, verdant plains, bringing vitality and serenity to the fore.


With Beatopia, her second album release, Beabadoobee feels like she is maturing and blossoming as a true artistic talent, like a flower stretching toward the sky on a sun-streaked summer day.  Her sweetly mellow take on grunge has captivated young listeners from across the globe, resonating with those in need of a beacon during the tumult of adolescence. 


The London-based singer songwriter has been the unwitting but aptly placed nucleus for many millennials in search of relatable, honest music, with her unique style entrancing both mainstream and alt-indie listeners alike.  It is a testament to her nuanced approach. Beabadoobee has often been – unjustly – grounded by TikTok fame, unable to release the iron-clad shackles of social media stereotypes and express her diversity and talent in the manner that she desires, at its true maximum.


Beatopia is the burgeoning talent’s first unadulterated glimpse into her complex, musical mind. It is as if you are stepping through the looking glass, falling down the rabbit hole, into a world of her own creation, each track a different string to a vibrant, multi-faceted bow.  The album boasts a distinctive core, very evidently Beabadoobee. But there are a variety of quirks distinguishable from piece to piece. 


Maturing both musically and emotionally from the angsty teen that graced major platforms two years ago, Beabadoobee has demonstrated that her creative flair is as expansive as the deepest ocean, with a potential yet to be wholly tapped, higher than the clouds.  It is as if the thoughts and innovation stored deep within her mind had been surgically, deftly extracted and refined in the shape of a musical project, creating a haven for those burdened by life’s trials and tribulations. Creating Beatopia.


Everyone loves a coming-of-age tale, and Beatopia encapsulates the story of a young artist channelling the energy that has started off an immensely promising career and created an album that paints a picture of the clearest and brightest colour.  Quite simply, this artist’s style screams radiance, with different hues of the rainbow dappled throughout. 


Tracks such as ‘Ripples’ and ‘Lovesong’ created a slower, melancholy shade of blue and purple, whilst rowdier pieces such as ’10:36’, ‘the perfect pair’ and ‘Talk’ procure brighter shades of yellow and red to balance the scales of sentiment and grant the listener a musical voyage that promises not to stagnate, plucking on each emotion the complexity of the human mind can offer. 


The surge to prominence has seen Beabadoobee attached to a host of various labels, and with Beatopia the singer welcomes Pinkpantheress, another contemporary who has taken the millennial music culture by storm with the power and poignancy of her work.  Their shared track, ‘Tinkerbell is overrated’ weaves beauty through elegance, the sugar sweet voices entwining and working in tandem, duality of sound served to perfection. The upbeat, rapid drumbeat and atmospheric backdrop results in a catchy and dreamy piece.


Beabadoobee has produced an album that just feels like an embodiment of who she is as an artist, and what she is aiming to achieve with her career. Now I may be wrong, but I believe it signifies the end of her attachment to ‘TikTok’ talent, and the beginning of an odyssey toward a career that she wants to mould to her own clay. 

Beatopia is the result of a young musician’s expression and blossoming maturity, a transformation from mind to music, and Beabadoobee has done this emphatically. Having listened to the fruits of her labour, her image is easily discernible. She will continue to captivate listeners near and far, such is the beauty of her melodious gift.


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