Published on 30 August 2022 at 14:26

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to the OSM new single releases round up. Each week select just a few tunes that have most caught our attention. We hope the collection helps you through this next week. As ever, we will start with this week’s Single Of The Week. This week it’s the new drop from indie newcomers, Pizza Crunch. The band have released four tunes this year and this one, named ‘Romanticised Past’ is the pick of the bunch. Transient vocals kick the tune off before Stokes-inspired guitar lines shape the track into a well-rounded and infectious indie rock anthem that bares the influence of noughties indie rock. The song will feature on the group’s debut EP later this year. 


This week’s next tune comes from the indie-rock band, Two Weeks In Nashville. Their new tune, ‘Afterglow’ dropped on Friday and treads a similar path to that of its predecessor. Building on the band’s core sound, the tune showcases infectious grooves and silky vocals that slot the tune neatly into the current British indie-rock scene. Absolutely a band to keep your eyes on as they look to expand their platform further…next are Crawlers, a Liverpool-based quartet hellbent on making loud noises. Their new tune, ‘I Don’t Want It’, exhibits the band’s ability to engage and captivate their audience. Spiky guitar riffs give the tune an insistent and chaotic core, while lyrics that examine society’s effect on mental health are sung with a tangible and engaging attitude. Think She Drew The Gun with even more of a kick…Deathretro are next this week with their first drop since May this year. The new track is called ‘Dark Hoss’ and features a snarling and rough-edged core. Unlike its predecessor, ‘Dark Hoss’ exhibits a darker and more sludgy side to the band. The vocals are more strained, the guitars more intense and the drums more hypnotic. It's an exploitive tune that sets the stage for a new and fresh we have a tune that has had our ears for a while. It’s More In Luv with their new drop, ’23’. The track showcases a further development of the group’s sound; seeing them lean further into their pop influences. Bright and euphoric instrumentation takes center stage throughout the track, putting it in the same vein as Alfie Templeman and Easy Life. A great feel-good tune…sticking with pop influenced tunes, next up is the new release from the Glasgow-based duo, Morning Midnight. The song, called ‘Easy’, features melodic and ambient sounds that give it a comforting and inviting nature. These sounds are juxtaposed by a present rhythm section that ensures the track moves with a definite certainty. With its exploration of the battles we have in our own heads, it exhibits a true show of introspection..finally for this week is the new one from Ewan Macfarlane. His new tune, titled ‘Won’t Stop Burnin’, is a ragged rock ’n’ roll tune. Simple and rough guitars add a distinctive rawness to the tune - which tells the story of an argument Macfarlane once had. His hoarse vocal deepens the track’s nostalgic feel; evoking a classic rock ballad. The track is taken from Macfarlane’s second solo album, ‘Milk’ - which is due to be dropped in October.


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