DOLL RIOT’s Latest Track ‘Get a Life’ Is A Brilliant Frantic Message To A Crazed Ex

Published on 5 September 2022 at 09:18

Words: Max Bradfield


San Diego all-girl teen rockers Doll Riot have returned after the success of their self-titled EP in May with ‘Get a Life’. As part of plans to release three singles over the next six months, this new one gets the ball rolling nicely as it addresses the real-life teenage dilemma of a psycho ex-girlfriend. 


This song approaches modern-day teenage drama and like their contrasting name, blends two worlds. Technology is juxtaposed by a very early 2000s grunge sound. Ella Sauer offers the smooth yet growling guitar similar to that of idols, Hole. There is this almost unhinged delivery to Elena Olszak’s lead vocal that strikes chords with Le Tigre’s Kathleen Hanna, as she belts out endearing and youthful lyrics. For example, ‘Get off my f*cking page, I’m about to rage’ or ‘Smoke some grass, don’t be an *ss’. 


Midway through the track, there’s a brilliant break to let London Kraus’ bass breathe. It hums low and menacingly like a stealth bomber before the now-euphoric chanting chorus returns. The cherry on top of this frenetic song is perhaps the effervescent drum fills of Lillee Gillum. All members of the group seem on par with each other, as all aspects nod to a great energetic live presence.


For the group, notable performances have already come in the form of a Radio 91x appearance, several local gigs in San Diego, as well as elsewhere in CA county. Since formation in 2020, the four highschoolers have greatly improved. Beginning as a frustrated garage band that was confined by COVID, it now looks as though they’re finding their feet and their sound. 


Working in the Tracks Studio with recording engineer Patrick Trolan, the new upcoming material looks set to have enjoyers of rock sit up and take notice.