ALEX JAMES Are Back In Town With The Release Of Captivating New Single ‘Tell Me’

Published on 5 September 2022 at 08:50

Words: Max Bradfield


North East based alternative rock band Alex James return with their new track ‘Tell Me’. The newest tune that came out on the 2nd of September, emits the standard energy and vibrancy the group is quickly becoming renowned for. 


The four-piece is fronted by band namesake Alex James, who with a diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, is not confined in the slightest when bringing across his meaningful brand of pure rock n roll energy. Following the success of their previous singles ‘Direction’ and ‘I Said That You Looked Fine’, ‘Tell Me’ brings an electric driven energy that packs a punch with its superb climax. According to the band, this song is set to make a scene and leave people wanting more.


From the start of this tune, the bass and guitars compliment each other perfectly with a surging riff. It grabs you immediately. Alex possesses a clear voice that is easy to listen to as he poses the tough question – ‘Do you know what its like to have all your hopes and dreams become reality, whilst the world around you falls apart?’ Although a light vocal with clearly skilled musicians presence, the meaningful weight is an ever-present within Alex James’ work as a collective. 


Tell Me’ was written by Alex alongside the other successful singles and revolves around the concept that sometimes even when we have everything we could ever asked for in life, we can still feel unsatisfied and unhappy. The band leave it open to their listeners as the song allows people to question this concept perfectly with the repeated lyrics ‘D’ya know what I mean?’ for example. 


On top of this, Alex aims to inspire others with disabilities to come forward with their musical talents. Further preconceptions are battled and the importance of accessibility and true inclusivity within the music scene is integral. After all, music truly is for everyone. Poignantly, Alex saidMusic has really helped me to live with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I create music for fun and to help others, with the aim of leaving behind a legacy that lasts for generations


As said, ‘Tell Me’ came out on the 2nd September and is available on all good platforms – so get listening…