Alt-Rock Band MOONROOF Make Waves With New Single 'Maybe Crazy'

Published on 11 September 2022 at 14:09



September sees the last of the summer months, but with the release of Moonroof’s single ‘Maybe Crazy’, there is hope that the band can bring you one last ray of sunshine through the stratums of a song that bounces through iridescent guitar melodies and vocal catchiness. 


Born in the orchestral city of Philadelphia, Moonroof is an alt-rock band making waves with their infectious, jangly descants and unremitting harmonies. Since their debut in 2018, the band have racked up over 4 million streams on Spotify alone. On top of this, they have shared the stage with indie heavyweights like The Lumineers and Grouplove. 


Now, they blaze their own fiery trail through the popular indie scene with an amalgamation of songs that will make anybody want to jump out of their seat and dance in the mirror. When The 1975 met Sports Team, Moonroof became their lovechild. It is that mixture of punk attitude and feel-good indie that makes the Philadelphia band stand out from the rest.



Having already played at festivals such as Bloomsburg Fair and Haverford Music Festival, while attaining valuable radio play from the likes of The Heavy Hooks Show and The P Word, we can’t help but feel Moonroof would fit in like a piece to a jigsaw puzzle here in the United Kingdom. Their music dovetails that of most popular bands in Britain now, but they bring their own fresh, Americanised ingredient to make their own mark on the music scene we all know and love. 


As dazzling as it is immersive, ‘Maybe Crazy’ is bound to give you one last dose of dopamine before the leaves turn from green to orange and we move from summer to autumn.


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