THE VONICS Release Multi-Influenced EP 'The World Can Wait'

Published on 11 September 2022 at 14:36



Inspired by a multiverse of genres, pulling from each of the band member’s own influences, The Vonics have released their new EP titled ‘The World Can Wait’. There are traces of Britpop, smatterings of funk, a grip of punk and pop rock, but it still safeguards the sound of the band and is still a trademark of their own. 


The EP features two of their hit songs ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Hypnotic’ – both of which have been described as their best pieces of work so far. Among the four other unreleased tracks include the shimmering, positivity-centred sways of ‘Sing the Blues Away’ and heavier, rock’n’roll personality of the opening track ‘Nothing to Gain’.


It is a collection of songs that signals a change in direction for the band’s musical endeavours. Consisting of Scott Robinson, Mark Hancox, Chris Dixon, John Webb, and Mark Oliver, The Vonics approach to their new EP is more commercial than previous releases.


However, this does not shrink the value in their catalogue of great songs that would fit faultlessly into a road trip singalong.


As Mark explains when asked questions about the production and meaning, he said: "at the end of the day, if the songs on this release bring some joy and happiness to the people that listen, then that's good enough for me!


It is, to a great extent, a collection of good music that has one simple aim in mind, and that’s to produce happiness. The Vonics are all about good music and good vibes, and while their music will inevitably reap rewards, they are only doing it for the love of it. Whether you like what they have to offer or not, it’s a notion we can all support. 


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