Published on 14 September 2022 at 21:45



Released today, ‘Going’ is the third single from Philadelphia-based alternative indie rock trio, My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House, from their upcoming record that is set to be announced officially later in the year.


Produced and mixed by Pete Zen (Jet Jag, Hang Tight) at Landmine Studios in Ewing, New Jersey, the latest track from the band’s collection is sonically an instant teenage classic, which would fit seamlessly into a soundtrack for a cheesy, American adolescent coming of age film that seeks to bring melodic instrumentals with that familiar infectious vocal hook to produce a song that can be heard shouted at the top of your lungs on a road trip. 


Lyrically, the single highlights the pain of admitting your mistakes and stagnant growth as a person while remaining optimistic about the road ahead and the uncertainty of the future. It is the perfect song for those who are young, dumb, and not-so rich. 


Formed in 2020 to the backdrop of a world falling apart, My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House (as in the band) consists of an amalgamation of musicians with deep roots in the Philly DIY scene, including the mastery of Brian Quirk, Andrew Hight, and Pete Long. Together, they pull together a range of influences from pop-punk/indie groups such as The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Revivalists.


Throughout their short but impactful reign in the American indie music scene, MCGH have already billeted themselves as a group that are more than capable of producing gigantic choruses and meaningful notions to formulate a cult-like fanbase. 


‘Going’ is just another brick in the wall of a gallery loaded with fine music as far as these Philly lot are concerned. 


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