COLENSO JONES Releases His Debut Solo Track 'Biscuit Tin'

Published on 28 September 2022 at 17:14



Money can sing, money can dance, money can buy you anything. Money don’t lie, money don’t try, money just seems to make you smile’.


These are the words of debutant Colenso Jones, who, in his first release ‘Biscuit Tin’, shines a glaring light on money and the way it helps the world keep spinning.


It is a tale of humble beginnings, told by a talented singer/songwriter who has the all-too familiar dream of turning his fortunes around through the creation of relatable musicianship. That is not to say Colenso is in it for selfish reasons, but more that we can already see those fantasies becoming reality.


Hailing from Pontypridd, South Wales, Colenso Jones offers a strong debut single which is a refreshing blend of Alt-country, Americana, and folk. Although it is first solo submission, the Welshman has performed shows in Europe, the US, and across the UK with BBC Introducing favourites Climbing Trees.


Along the way, he has got stuck in with various musical projects since 2012, releasing five albums and 10 singles. Now, he ventures into his own project, bringing poignant storytelling wrapped in a delicious layer of beautiful alt-folk melody. Colenso Jones’ first solo album is set for release early 2023, and when he spoke about his latest project, it was difficult not to get carried away: 


"After being in bands and side projects for the last 10 years it’s a great opportunity for me to do something purely on my own and use the experiences I’ve had to create a record that is personal to me."

“I’ve always enjoyed creating music. After picking up the guitar at 10 and learning songs that others have written you get to a point where you know enough chords to write something completely new and I’ve always loved that feeling. I’ve carried that feeling through my life and it’s taken me to some great places, Maida Vale, Abbey Road, and New York are just a few of the place’s music has given me the opportunity to visit so I think I’ll keep going and see where I end up next.”


‘Biscuit Tin’ is out now via all major streaming platforms as we welcome Colenso Jones back to the music scene in his new solo role with open arms.