SILCROW’s ‘Keep The Silence’ Is A Truly Mosh-Worthy Release

Published on 29 September 2022 at 09:01

Words: Max Bradfield


Auckland’s energetic metal four-piece Silcrow released their latest song ‘Keep The Silence’ on the 16th of September. The big debut single marks the start of a new era for the band since their name change from Close To The Bone.

This new track is three minutes and thirty seconds of pure hard rocking music that is just begging to be heard. The raw energy and atmosphere of the track is a direct contrast of its title – as simply no silence is kept in this one…

Musically, ‘Keep The Silence’ is moody and full of attitude. It starts off with an almost Cure-like 80s gothic guitar tone before erupting and blossoming into a metal charged tune. Once the drums kick, Silcrow emerge from their figurative chrysalis. This new release is deemed their most ambitious yet – it's heavy with a truly mosh-worthy breakdown. It wouldn’t feel out of place on a Download stage.

Slicrow reflect:Keep the silence was written just before we entered a very tumultuous period. Dealing with COVID lockdown restrictions in NZ and downsizing to a four-piece band. Knowing we had this song in our repertoire of new music was part of the glue that kept us together during a time we could have easily fallen apart. The title for the song was taken from a sign outside our band’s rehearsal space telling us to be quiet as we moved from the entrance to the practice room.”

Silcrow are set to make their mark it seems, with this upcoming batch of new material looking to be more frenetic than the last. With heavy tracks that tease a top live experience, Silcrow could really turn heads in their given musical circles.