GALACTIC FUZZ’s New Song ‘Transparent’ Is A Solid Showing Ahead Of Their Debut Album

Published on 29 September 2022 at 09:18

Words: Max Bradfield


Psychedelic-tinged alt rock band Galactic Fuzz released their latest tune back on the 26th of August and it didn’t disappoint. This lively and fluid track arrives as the lead single in the upcoming self-titled debut album. The album is set to drop on the 28th of October. 


The band present their music and signature sound as a fusion of 90s alt grunge with melodic pop psychedelia. With influences like Pavement, Granddaddy, Dinosaur Jr., and Failure – this new song comes born out of the band’s creative roots. It also offers an individual quality that could form an interesting building block as the band releases their first album.


After a near-cosmic intro of contorted electronica and guitar distortion, ‘Transparent’ pushes forward powerful chords whilst a jittery lead guitar fiddles away. These guitar parts build up steam as the song progresses and the chord progression seamlessly moves up a semitone each time around the block. The song’s climax? A great, intricate solo that whilst screaming with aggression, is still artfully melodic. Additionally, great vocal harmonies illustrate the band’s ever-growing chemistry.


Speaking on the inspiration for their upcoming self-titled album, vocalist/guitarist and songwriter Javier Guell said "I've always loved singing, but had mostly been a backup singer and lead guitar player in all my bands. The inception for Galactic Fuzz was my decision to sing my own songs for a change, as I had always written for others to sing.”


And about the band itself? “The name of the band comes from my fascination with Science Fiction works by the likes of Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, and Frederik Pohl, and some of our sounds and lyrics influenced by that even if not apparent at the surface. You can call us an Alternative Rock band but it's an oversimplification of the truth. We all have varying influences. Our drummer Ricky comes from a school of punk bands but also plays blues and loves jam bands. Jorge grew up with Classic Rock and hard rock and metal from the 80s and 90s."