'Ink' Is The Infectious New Single From ALICE PISANO

Published on 12 October 2022 at 17:36

Photo: Blackham



When you tell someone about your music taste, and they shut you down with the stringent question, “So you like chart music?”, often, you’ll feel like you’ve been slapped in the face.  Particularly in the age we live in, pop music is forbidden. You are made to feel as if it’s a sin to like the most popular music about. You are jumping on the trend bandwagon, or only into the sound of the musician because it’s also the backing track to your favourite TikTok dance.   


Certainly, at Our Sound Music, we are all also guilty for denouncing pop music from time to time. But one artist that has proven there’s still a place for the genre amidst a world of stone-hearted critics is Italian-born, London-based Alice PisanoThis week, she has released her affectionate new single ‘Ink’. Making up the second release from her upcoming EP ‘Shattered But Still Cool’, following the relatable tales in ‘Boys Like You’, her latest production is an infectious, feel-good bop.


Alice’s warm-hearted vocals accelerate through the track as it leaps and bounds through the themes of love and romance to culminate in a song that has all the embryos to soar up the charts.


Talking about the song, she said: "‘Ink’ is about how intense love can be for an introvert… I can get a bit shy in social situations, especially in big groups of people. But I also have a bubblier and outgoing side and having a crush on someone tends to drag me out of my shell.  When I wrote it, I was dating someone and I was in that initial infatuation phase, when you get butterflies in your stomach. It didn’t end well, but that is another story!  “We wrote 'Ink' back in February, the day Storm Eunice hit the UK. I braved the red weather warning to write this song - my mum said I was crazy - but I’m so glad I did! Ink felt like a special one straightaway, we were so excited about it…we were dancing around the studio and hopefully it will make other people dance too!"


What Alice Pisano adds to the pop genre in her soundscape is the fun that people forget was possible through chart music. Yeah, your friends will probably still frown at your pop music playlists, but that’s until they hear Alice. Pop Alice on in the car and suddenly everyone’s a fan of the genre. 


‘Ink’ is available on every major streaming platform, and it brings the fun back into pop we had all forgot existed.