Rising Star MIKE STOYANOV Unveils New Track 'Everything You Ever Wanted'

Published on 12 October 2022 at 17:55



Mike Stoyanov makes music to make you feel alive. It’s something tangible within his entire collection of unashamed and unapologetic discography, and it makes a welcome appearance in his newest single ‘Everything You Ever Wanted’.


Listening to the rising London-born star was a delight after delving into far too many dance tracks this week. Mike’s soundscape pays homage to proper good old-fashioned rock and roll, with an energetic pulse racing through every release promised. 


By combining his influences from the likes of Oasis, The Strokes, and The Libertines, the natural talent can create a powerful explosion of raw energy and ecstasy. If we had to make a guess on Mike’s diet plan, we reckon there would be a whole lot of coffee involved. In each of his four releases so far, he openly beams his superabundant vivacity to get out of bed and produce music that brings positivity. 


It's his desire to build an environment of resilience that also works its way into the fabric of the song. Mike said of the inspiration behind the song: Everything You Ever Wanted” is a song about chasing your dreams even when it’s hard, actually especially when it’s hard. Making and promoting music nowadays means that I receive a lot of hate online but that doesn’t bother me, it just charges me to keep going and prove the haters wrong.  This song is dedicated to those who are not afraid to jump in the water. When I started this whole music thing there was so much stuff I had to figure out and yeah it was a bit scary but that didn't stop me. You can spend your whole life on the shore scared of the water because you can’t swim, but see, man, the only way you can learn to swim is to get in the f*cking water. At the end of the day I am just following my dreams, man, if some people think that’s a crime so be it, I’m ready to pay the price. Life’s too short not to follow your dreams, man.” 


‘Everything You Ever Wanted’ is a pounding new release that empowers its listeners to achieve what they dream to achieve. Certainly, this is the kind of ethos we love in a new release, and the quality of the track matches it.