OPEN ARMS Release Indie-Pop Infused New Track 'Wherever I Go'

Published on 13 October 2022 at 10:13



Last Friday, the 7th of October, the Birmingham-based indie-pop band Open Arms released their enchanting new single ‘Wherever I Go’.


The single will form one part of the band’s upcoming ‘Colours’ EP that also contains previously released songs ‘Wilderness’ and ‘Other Side of Life’ as Ben, Sam, and Drew go about their express delivery of groovy music that packs a scintillating punch.


Open Arms have become synonymous with anthemic dance rock, and they are prone to incorporating a chic-dance element to their soundscape which is akin to popular bands such as The 1975 and Peach Pit. The addition of bouncing melodies in the indentations of the song is catapulted into anthem status by frontman Ben Farmer’s enterprising vocals.



Speaking about the release, Ben said: ”I realised (when writing the song) as much as it could be about a relationship - it's actually about the love I have for Sam and Drew (from the band). 


“It's about us trying to make our way in the music industry, going out to new and different places all the time to play shows. I think the most important lyric in the song is the pre chorus lyric "we won't stop trying and trying - it's almost like a mantra that acts as a reminder every time I listen to the song, or play it live, to just keep going and not to give up.” 


He adds: We've noticed the song gets a really good reception live - people tend to pick up the chorus quickly and it creates this amazing atmosphere of humans connecting directly with us through our mission to give something to the people who follow our band. It's really exciting.


‘Wherever I Go’ was written and originally demoed back in 2019. Since then, Open Arms have developed as producers to a point they are happy to be releasing their refined music into the world. Standing by their drive and work ethic, all tracks the band unleash to the public are entirely written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by themselves – they are the definition of independent music.


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Arran beards
2 years ago

Fantastic vocals love this band