Published on 17 October 2022 at 13:35

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to the latest Our Sound Music single release round up. We’ve got another fresh selection of the hottest releases to emerge on the indie scene. We hope this selection makes the week ahead just that little bit easier. First up, as usual, is this week’s Single Of The Week. This week’s is ‘Feel It’ - the new song from the Glasgow-based Shredd. The track lands hard, encompassing distorted guitars and metal-inspired grooves in its all-out and thrashing sound. The song’s distorted vocals give it a moody feeling, while exhilarating and wailing guitar breaks deepen its musical catharsis. Lyrics on the dangers of temptation add to the appeal of a track that offers a chaotic escape from reality. 

Next up is the new tune from KIN. The indie-pop band released ‘Soapdish’ last week, a track that showcases their positive sonic makeup. It features a bright and euphonic core, solidified by melodic guitar lines and soft vocals. The tune’s sound, juxtaposed with its lyrical content - which examines the fallout of a breakup - gives the tune an empowering nature...up next we have the new single from the solo artist, Lissy Taylor. Her new tune, entitled ‘Fierce’ exhibits a gritty and elemental sound that develops into soaring, anthemic choruses. It blends the pop sensibilities  of The Lottery Winners and Pale Waves with the indie rock empowerment of The K’s and Sam Fender. A fiery new tune from one of the UK’s most up-and-coming solo artists. ..sticking with solo artists for this next one, which comes from Paul McCann. The Cavan-based singer-songwriter’s new track is called ‘Lost In This Moment’, which comes after a string of successful singles. Complete with infectious rhythms, gleaming guitar hooks, and observations on romance, it’s another well rounded track from the Irish singer. ..moving on to this week’s next tune, which comes from Jason Waterfalls. The Dutch-based rock band have dropped ‘Anything You Want’ - the latest tune to be taken from their forthcoming EP. The track is polished, pop-infused and infectious, exhibiting a side to the band not much explored thus far...The Sleeping Souls are up next with their debut tune, ‘Liar/Lover’. The group cut their teeth performing as Frank Turner’s band and their new song nods in the direction of Turner’s music. It showcases a tight acoustic instrumentation, intertwined with meaningful lyricism to give the song a folky and soulful core. The track sets the tone for a group who look to be already on their way to boxing off their distinct sound...finally for this week is the latest tune from Jack Kane, another solo artist that makes this week’s list. Kane’s tune - entitled ‘Underdog’ - exhibits a more upbeat sound to what fans will be used to. Where his previous singles have opted for a more stripped back sound, ‘Underdog’ features a more developed instrumental approach - using pop sensibilities to give the song a more accessible nature. It seems a key step forward in the development of the London-based singer’s music.