ISAAC NEILSON’s Scintillating ‘Tear This Down’: From Avid Observer To Taking The Reins

Published on 19 October 2022 at 13:29

Words: Max Bradfield


Isaac Neilson brought out his fourth and newest song, ‘Tear This Down’ on the 14th of October. This tune adds to an already impressive mini collection from the artist who is no stranger to the industry. 


Now, when opening the press release, Isaac Neilson’s words blast across my brain. He describes himself as bringing ‘all the gusto of a deranged axe murderer haplessly floundering to preserve the integrity of a Ming vase on a ski slalom to the indie rock genre’. As I’m trying to process this, I read on and quickly realise that underneath the marauding metaphors and spiralling similes, quietly smirks a very capable musician heading in the right direction. 


Isaac initially cut his teeth in studios, working with a variety of talented individuals. Slowly, he started to notice his own ability in the art of songwriting and creation. In six short months, Neilson has struck out on his own musical path. Beaming from the comfort of home recording, to the outer stratosphere of glistening festivals – he has seen stars like The Stereophonics, Jake Bugg, The Human League and, most importantly to him, The Sugarbabes. 


‘Tear This Down’ follows his last tune, ‘The Fall’, which came out in April. It is yet another reason as to why the young artist has been featured on Radio 4’s Loose Ends, BBC Merseyside and BBC East Midlands. From the outset, a steady beat keeps pace with a low growling guitar. The downstrokes are interrupted by the light, speakerphone vocals. All the while, a droning ambient lead guitar stalks the dark corners of the song. 



As the song builds pace, this sinister guitar evolves into a main player – offering a staple indie riff and partnership with ever-smooth and consistent basslines. Surrounded by the final flurry of chords, Neilson’s tune is capped by an engaging solo. 


Unsurprisingly, BBC Introducing supports Isaac. Now, teaming up with the 2022 Music Producers Guild Rising Star award winning engineer, Matt Taylor – things can only look better. This clean sound can also be attributed to fine mixing from Cameron Craig (2x Grammy Award Winner) and top mastering from Katie Tavini (3x Mastering engineer OTY nominee). Between the three key crew members, names such as Bjork, Arlo Parks, Frank Turner, Adele and Amy Winehouse add to an impressive collective resume. With this, and his own obvious aptitude, Isaac looks (and sounds) like he is in good hands. 


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