LISSY TAYLOR Delivers Again With Latest Release 'Fierce', Complete With A Great Music Video

Published on 19 October 2022 at 08:08



I’ve covered Lissy Taylor before. She’s brilliant. I’d go as far to say she’s one of my favourite musicians that I’ve written about. The last time I had hands on her music was in July, but I sure hope it isn’t this long of a wait next time. Back then, I spoke of her voice that can control a room. Through her latest song ‘Fierce’, I’m sure she could empower a nation with those vocals.


Whereas a lot of drab produced nowadays can be put to the back of the mind swiftly, Lissy Taylor is unforgettable. An uplifting indie anthem that guarantees to bring you back up when life gets you down. ‘Fierce’ is an enlivening, powerful single that is set alight by soaring vocals and gritty, 90s reminiscent guitars. 


The wonderful single is accompanied by a music video filmed in various locations that Lissy has performed, including New York, Manchester, and her hometown of Stoke:



Talking about the songwriting process of the new release, she said: I bought a collection of poems written by women titled ‘Fierce’ and thought that I would make ‘Fierce’ my next single title, inspired by women in creative industries, changing the landscape of what has been done before. Inspired by ambition, determination and unwavering self-belief. I started writing with the song title then I wanted a big chorus to match it, which seems to be a habit of mine. A main theme of the song is grit in reference to ‘adding fuel to the fire.’ Life can be shit then it can be beautiful, it’s full of highs and lows. Having the strength to overcome whatever life throws at you is what makes the difference, keep your inner fire burning bright.”


Lissy Taylor is the epitome of a musician with all the ingredients for unprecedented success. She has already proven she has a grip on the indie music scene, also appearing on festival stages across the UK during the summer. All she has to do is continue what she’s already doing. 


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