THE UNDERCLASS Show Their Mature Side With New Indie Rock Anthem ‘Bad Dreams’

Published on 25 October 2022 at 19:17

Words: Max Bradfield


Stoke-based five-piece The Underclass released their latest song ‘Bad Dreams’ on Friday. Now, whilst the band had been admittedly sailing through summer on the wave of their previous track ‘Hometown’, their sound has changed with the darker evenings. ‘Bad Dreams’ reflects an altogether darker, more mature release.


Where ‘Hometown’ adopted shimmering tones with optimistic offerings, this follow-up sounds a different beast entirely. In three minutes of heavier and more brooding indie rock, ‘Bad Dreams’ harbours a different kind of optimism. More realistic and out of the summery haze, there’s an air of cynicism throughout.


The track opens with the lead narration lamenting of wanting ‘to move out of this rabbit hole’. Self-progress and growth are the clear motivations, especially with the well thought out following line. “And if it takes all my time, I’ll miss out on all the things I never got to do.”


As previously mentioned, the tone seemingly shifts with the seasons with The Underclass. Talk of grey and black skies tee up the main chorus that comes tinged with a contrasting optimistic ideal. “I’m hoping someday I’ll never wake up again, to a bad dream.” Seemingly, the group are prepared to play on the motives of mental fragility yet acknowledging it and trying to amend. 



Having already turned heads across the Midlands and further afield thanks to a smattering of single releases including last year’s well received single ‘The One’, it's clear the band are making all the right moves. There’s been shows at the infamous Cavern Club, Sugarmill and then the most recent appearance at Y Not Festival.


The band have a growing backlog of tracks that are set to impress fans of Oasis, The Enemy and The Twang. Those three are self-professed influences for the quintet, but they’re quick to show their efforts aren’t derivative. Following this track, it’s clear there’s a lot more on the horizon for the Stoke-on-Trent upstarts.


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