Published on 25 October 2022 at 19:38

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to the OSM single round up. Here, we’ve compiled a new list of great tunes. Last week was a big week for album releases, but here it’s strictly singles, of which we have the following  to keep you going this week. As usual, we’ll start with the Single Of The Week


This week it’s the new tune from Splint. The band have been gradually making a name for themselves on the live circuit. After signing with Nice Swan Records, the band have begun a steady run of releases this year. Their new track, ‘145’ sets them, doubtlessly, as one of the most exciting new bands in the UK. With sharp guitars, monotone vocals, and a raw production giving the tune a truly post-punk feeling, it’s a surprise to find out they aren’t from New York. The influences of The Velvet Underground, Television and Wire are all called into play here, resulting in a fresh yet familiar sound that modernises the genre. If this band band don’t drop some of the best music of 2023, I’ll eat my hat.


Next up is a band we’ve had our eyes on for some time. It’s The Underclass, who have dropped new tune, ‘Bad Dreams’. The song is fast out the gates with its pounding rhythm section, soaring vocals, and distorted riffs, offering a further new spin on the indie rock genre. Its swaggering tone marks a departure from its contemplative predecessor, and sees the band eyeing up the big stages with an all-out stadium blaster...this week’s next tune is ‘Step Too Far’, which comes from the London-based Maze. The band invited The Rifles’ Dean Mumford to provide strings, an addition that results in a deeper soundscape than we’ve previously seen. The band seem comfortable in their new-found wistful sound, a sound whose Stone Roses-inspired vocals give it a shimmering and transient feeling. A very nice step in the band’s development. up this week is the new drop from Morning Tourist. The solo artist - whose real name is Sean McKinney - dropped ‘Small Fame’ last week and, with it, introduced us to his forthcoming album. Sounding like a blend of Villagers and Big Thief, the song features a folky instrumental core, with clean guitars, a subtle rhythm section, and soft, wholesome vocals. Its parent album is due out in next year. ..this week’s next tune also comes from a solo artist, namely alt-pop singer, Mari Dangerfield. Her new tune, ‘Love Machine’ is the latest in a string of releases taken from her debut album. Its bright and poppy core is as infectious as it is quirky. Catchy synth rhythms and floating vocals - all of which are recorded and arranged by Dangerfield - add uplifting vibes to a song that likely demand repeated listens. ..back onto bands now with the new one from The Illicits. The quartet’s second single of 2022, ‘Feel It’ adds a further helping of rough and unsparing indie rock to their discography. The tune centres around a David Bowie-inspired guitar riff that embodies an infectious swagger, something furthered by soaring choruses and Kasabian-esque vocals. A proper belter. ..finally for this week is Paytron Saint, who released ‘Possibly Honest’ on Friday. The song exhibits indie rock and pop-punk influences; both of which are gelled together to form a hard-hitting and raucous soundscape that sees them at one with their sound. Lyrically, the tune centres around the idea of embracing the simple things in life without getting bogged down in the chaos, which gives it a clear relevance in the current climate. 


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