Brighton Psychedelic Rock Band CLOUD Release Their Latest Single “Circles”

Published on 10 November 2022 at 16:55

Words: Stiofán Bruce


The brand-new single from Brighton-based psychedelic rock group Cloud is titled 'Circles'. The audience is taken on an auditory journey as their sound is continued. 'Circles' has a non-linear plot that is reminiscent of well-known programmes like Black Mirror and Love, Death, and Robots. With its infectious choruses and hard-hitting riffs, the single produces a cinematic and narrative-driven track.


Beginning with a modest tempo, this track's excitement is instead expressed through the vocals and the instrumental's uncontrolled passion. Dark, percussive guitars that enter the mix in brief intervals immediately set the mood and alter the steady drumbeats.


Each word is delivered with extreme accuracy in sharp vocals. The powerful chorus makes it quite apparent that this is a subliminal warning to over-thinkers to say that what you have for breakfast or any other decision you make probably won't have any bearing on the probable utter destruction of reality itself says bassist Dan Norman.


The lyrics of this song overly dramatise the band's bassist's own completely irrational personality. It can get tiresome to sketch out the potential outcomes of each normal choice that he makes in his life is the worst-case scenario.


Circles is vastly different from the cheery, melodic indie rock that we have grown accustomed to, and their appropriately titled track throws a mirror up to society. 'Cloud' is questioning what we have come to expect of the Brighton independent music industry and is a band we should have an eye on for the future.