Published on 9 November 2022 at 17:19

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to the Our Sound Music weekly round-up of this week’s new single releases. Each week we show just a tiny snapshot of what’s been going on in the indie world . As ever, we’ll kick things of with this week’s Single Of The Week. It comes from Mince; the Leeds-based group with a lot of noise to make. Their tune, named ‘Misprint’ is a raucous and chaotic post-punk mash of sharp guitars, raw drums, and thick bass lines. Raw vocals send the track deeper into its cathartic and restless soundscape, all while maintaining an tangible attitude. With support already building amongst some key tastemakers, Mince are a band on their way. 


The Illicits are up next with their new release, ‘Modern Life’. It’s a track seemingly made for the live stage. Fractious and looping guitar lines hark back to the early days of punk, while Britpop-inspired vocals add a modern edge. Its rock-heavy energy, commentary on a dysfunctional society, and progressive sound, all accumulate into a statement of intent for a band seemingly destined for big things in the months to up is prolific Welsh band, Columbia. The band have dropped the follow up single to their debut album, released earlier this year, and have once again delivered a track that demands your ears. It’s called ‘Disorder’, and showcases a slightly more polished sound to its predecessors; full-bodied and pounding instrumentation bares the influence of Oasis and Kasabian, while soaring vocals and whirling guitar lines add to its nostalgic indie rock core...moving on and next up is a solo artist we’ve had on our radar for a while. It’s YNES, with her new track, ‘I Wanna Be Overrated’. Pop-punk influences are showcased throughout, as crashing and simplistic guitar progressions drive an indelibly infectious sound. The familiar tongue-in-cheek lyrics are also exhibited throughout, and see the singer yearning for popularity while being fully aware of its transiency... another solo artist now, but with a vastly different sound (we consider variety to be spice of playlists at OSM). This one comes from Addie Brik who dropped ‘The First Odd Prime’ last week. The tune is a hard one one to pin down, exhibiting folky and haunting vocals amidst thunderous drums (curtesy of Jim McDermott) and distorted guitars. It’s a track that sits comfortably in its left-field this week is the new drop from Foreign Affairs. The track, named ‘Chained To Love’ is a deeper dive into the band’s new blues rock sound. Stripped back and scratchy guitars evoke The Black Keys, while heavy drums nod in the direction of Royal Blood. Its lyrics, that explore desperation and entrapment, add credence to the song’s sound, adding a tangible gloom. In short, it’s a banger....taking the final place on this week’s list is Dylan James. The indie singer-songwriter dropped his second single ‘Boys Yard’ last week. Taking inspiration from football, the tune is reminiscent of a naughties anthem. Insistent 90’s sounds are married with 70’s songwriter vibes to craft a tune that’s ready to bring football home. 


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