Published on 17 November 2022 at 17:39

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to the OSM  new weekly singles round-up. Each week select just a few tunes that have most caught our attention. First, of course, is the Single Of The Week, which comes from the Irish band, Floorshow. The Dublin-based group dropped ‘White Noise’ last week; an observational and poignant tune that seeks to highlight the role the media plays in shaping truths. It does so amidst an atmospheric and consuming sound that makes use of crashing raw drums, wailing guitar effects and intoxicating vocals. It's not dissimilar in sound to Melts and Just Mustard who, together with Floorshow have crafted the psych-rock sound currently emerging from Ireland.


Next up we’ve got the new tune from Modern Love. Their tune, named ‘Until My Heart Stops Beating’ is the second drop since their acclaimed EP was released in the summer. The track is emotive to its core, and centres around a declaration of dissatisfaction in a romantic relationship. Musically building on the band’s previous material, it exhibits indie-pop sensibilities - akin to the 1975 - complete with infectious guitar hooks, softy delivered vocals and an up-tempo rhythm, this week is Hannah Robinson, a Gateshead-based solo artist. Her new tune, ‘Hypnotised’ is an indie-rock triumph. Her blend of hypnotic, almost eerie vocals cast the dominating mood of the song, while an insistent bass hook pushes the song deeper into the world it creates. Its blend of ghostly melancholy with driven alt-rock sounds results in something profoundly fresh and original...sticking with solo artists, this next song comes from Dan Pye. The singer-songwriter dropped his new tune, ‘Magick’ on Friday and, with it, has expanded on his synth-filled bedroom pop sound. With lyrics that explore the journey of self-discovery that happens in periods of loneliness, Dan uses expansive synths and vocal effects to create a mood of introversion, deepening the song’s core meaning and crafting a distinctive sound...back onto indie-rock with our next selection, which comes from the Bristol-based Chasing Kites. The song, which is the group’s fourth release since forming in June, pushes the group further in their development. Gleaming vocals carve a path between distorted chord progressions and crashing drums before developing into soaring choruses. The song is a statement of intent from a band well on their way to developing their on this week’s list is the pop-inspired band; Cub Sport. Their new tune, ‘Replay’ is as addictive as it is danceable. Its composition radiates warmth and sets the tune as a glassy and euphoric cut bound for the dance floor. With lyrics that promote the importance of moving forward. The song’s vocal carries an emotive and relaxing mood through its spine and ensures that the song’s name doubles up as a self-fulfilling prophecy...finally for this week is the new tune from Royal Thunder. The Atlanta-based rock group have returned with ‘The Knife’ - their first release since 2017. Despite the break, the new song suggests its business as usual for the group, who showcase bluesy riffs and soulful vocals that harbour as much spirit as they ever did. The band themselves consider this song to be somewhat of a rebirth; who knew reincarnation could sound this good?


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