Published on 22 November 2022 at 13:40

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to the new OSM new singles round-up. Each week select just a few tunes that have most caught our attention. First, of course, is the Single Of The Week, which comes from Vivas. The Sheffield-based band treated us to ‘Feel’ last week and have ploughed their indie rock sound forward. The track is a bright and raw-sounding track that puts its gritty vocal centerstage. Expansive choruses loom large and give the tune its addictive nature.

Second on this week’s playlist is ‘Strong Forever’ by Blitz Vega, a track for the marginalised. Featuring Johnny Marr, as well as legends from the Madchester scene, the song offers support to people being bullied or feeling helpless. Predictably chiming guitar floats on top of classic Manchester rhythms and creates a gleaming sound that puts a modern spin on 90s nostalgia...The Dirty English are next with their double A-side, ‘Wasting Police Time’ which includes the tracks, Snowmobile and Borstal Boys. The songs, which come ahead of their debut EP, expand on their post-punk sound. Elements of the Stooges and The Stranglers crackle amid a raw and punky attitude that makes the band’s presence up is the new drop from Hausers. The track, named ‘Do You?’ is a psychedelic-tinged indie rock anthem. It’s the second single this year from the Italian band and feels like a natural continuation of its predecessor. Clean guitars loom beneath Nick Cave-inspired vocals while experimental instrumentation gives the tune its up is Overpass, who dropped their track ‘3am’ - their second this year - on Friday. The band have been steadily establishing itself in the Birmingham scene, and ‘3am’ adds another support under their platform. Focussing on the excitement of a night out, the song takes inspiration from the modern indie of Blossoms and Sam Fender with its big, soaring sound...the next track on this week’s list comes from the solo artist, Hugmynd. The Cornwall-based singer’s new song, ‘Safe Harbour’, showcases a subtle and mystifying sound. Acoustic guitars provide a crisp edge to a track born out of Hugmynd’s need to express his feelings towards an unrequited love...finally for this week is another solo artist. Charlie Baker released ‘Dancer’ which, complete with a catchy riff and infectious chorus, the song shows the confidence of the Essex-based singer. Telling the story Pop-inspired beats inject life into the song and ensure it lives up to its name. With more music promised in the future, fans will be keen to see where baker goes next.


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