REARDON LOVE’s ‘Mr Nobody’ - A Ghoulish Ode To A Pontefract Poltergeist

Published on 22 November 2022 at 21:14

Words: Max Bradfield


Let us set the tone. It’s the mid-70s in northern England. There’s a chilling draft. The lounge is dark apart from the mischievous glow of the old TV which is casting shadows that make you second guess yourself. ‘Mr Nobody’ starts up with a ghoulish ambience – best get those lights on.


Reardon Love’s latest track ‘Mr Nobody’ is due for release on the 2nd of December, but we’ve been lucky enough to get a listen. The track is available to pre-save now here. Off the back of the breakout EP The Unsung, Reardon Love have returned ready to launch their next run of tunes led by ‘Mr Nobody’. 


The track is based around a poltergeist from Pontefract and the music reflects that. A clunking tape insert gets us moving as a sailing synth navigates mysterious sounds that transport the listener to a soundscape that floats in between worlds almost. There’s a flickering key, with what sounds like a creeping gate. There’s this Luigi’s Mansion-esque ghostly presence paired with a funky 70s flair. 


The sounds built as a punchy bass and drum combo smacks the ears introducing harmony laden excellence – partnered by guitar to superbly tell of ‘Mr Nobody’. The main ghostly character is inspired by the story of 30 East Drive – where ‘The Black Monk of Pontefract’ haunted the Pritchard household. Already given fame by the 2012 flick ‘When The Lights Went Out’, Reardon Love’s song is a fitting addition to the haunting’s grandeur. 



This song follows the band’s hit ‘Supreme Heartache’ and adds to acclaim that has earned radio play from John Kennedy’s X-Posure on Radio X and Alan Raw and David Burns on BBC Radio Humberside. Initially formed back in autumn of 2018, 2022 has seen Reardon Love go from strength to strength – playing to thousands at Hull’s Humber Street Sesh, Wakefield Pride and Into The Wild Festival.


Reardon Love are already booking gigs well into 2023 and this song being the first of a surely impressive bundle, their trajectory looks to be headed firmly upwards. Look out for this one on the 2nd of December and expect interesting things from this exciting six-piece. ‘Mr Nobody’ is available to pre-save here.



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