THE SPIRITUAL LEADERS Present A Musical Foray Into Synth-Heavy Territory With ‘Shadows And Tall Trees’

Published on 22 November 2022 at 21:37

Photo: Claire O'Reilly

Words: Max Bradfield


Back on the 11th of November, Irish band The Spiritual Leaders released their latest track ‘Shadows and Tall Trees’. It’s safe to say that here at Our Sound Music, we’re fans of this precursor of their upcoming album release ‘This Fictional Place’. 


The band spent the last 12 months recording the album at JT Soar Studios in Nottingham and this teaser is sure to have ears pricked for the highly anticipated release. Musically, this newest track wouldn’t seem out of place on a FIFA soundtrack - akin to the early 2010s electronic sounds that fit the football game so well. As the band foray into synth heavy soundscapes, this track has a certain movement and flow that is hard to ignore. 


Lyrically, the track is a rumination on divisions in society through the lens of the classic novel ‘Lord of the Flies’. The single is, as said, a foray into new territory with the synth work – yet they don’t sound uncomfortable using this newfound tool. ‘Shadows and Tall Trees’ follows the 2020 release ‘Albania Away’ and shows potential of replicating its predecessor’s success. 



Albania Away’ received glowing reviews, earned a radio play on BBC Radio and 2XM. A spot on Spotify’s ‘Alternative Ireland’ playlist was found too, with further singles ‘Picture on the Wall’ and ‘Underwaters with You’. Accolades like the prior don’t seem to be too far out of reach for The Spiritual Leaders, who no doubt will have more top reviews and acclaim when their new album ‘This Fictional Place’ drops. 


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