Northern Ireland’s BIRCHES End 2022 On A High With ‘Be Unknown’

Published on 22 November 2022 at 22:18

Words: Max Bradfield


Emo Indie outfit BIRCHES have released their latest track ‘Be Unknown’ – a poster child for this band as they move into a new sonic era.


Since their phoenix formation from previous band ‘We Are The Trees’ in 2018, BIRCHES have been slowly cultivating a clean sound and are ready for a new age – self-admittedly armed with an arsenal of tunes yet to be released. 


Recorded at Start Together Studios in Belfast, ‘Be Unknown’ keeps to the group’s DIY and edgy passions, yet offers a step up in sound quality as is obvious from lead singer Liam McAlinden’s crisp vocal. Musically, listeners can hear a profound guitar riff akin to that of King Krule before the vocal is bolstered by the other band members with a change of pace that strikes chords with that of Sports Team. The band finds this one connects to influences like Phoebe Bridgers and early Foals – even offering nods to Orla Gartland. Their newest one’s mantra is clear: 


It feels like everything before was all a prequel and everything to come is the beginning of chapter one of our story. ‘Be Unknown’s’ story is of just getting up and doing it, whether that’s calling a loved one, starting a new project or even just getting out of bed in the morning. All those things can be tough for someone, and we hope this song can give the inspiration to do so.



Earlier this year, BIRCHES released ‘Always F**cked’ and ‘Otherguy’ and continue to find their feet. Their most recent single release ‘See Yourself Tomorrow’ truly demonstrated an intriguing growth of the band and audience since those early pre-pandemic days - amassing over 13k streams within the first 3 weeks of release.


No longer living in the same cities, or even countries, BIRCHES continue to traverse and transcend personal barriers. This is especially notable for a fledgling band combating the UK’s respective lockdowns. With a whole host of events, gigs and plans in the pipeline – BIRCHES are prepared to keep breaking impressive ground. 


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