'You Got Some Nerve' - Is The Fast Paced Latest Release From SAN QUENTIN

Published on 26 November 2022 at 14:15



With the swagger, grit, and the right balance of justified ego from their frontman, San Quentin has every chance of making it big in the British indie scene. Hailing from seaside town Southend-on-Sea, the band brings a ripple of fast-paced guitar riffs and vocals that highlight post-punk attitude in their latest track ‘You Got Some Nerve.’


Made up by songwriter Liam Cass, singer Owen Eves, drummer Luke Johns, bassist Nick Keep and Dan RIdgwell as lead guitarist, the band exhibit a knack for producing arena-filling songs that cascade your eardrums with warmth. They are, in essence, a real working-class band looking to take over. 


The band’s name is inspired by the iconic Johnny Cash album ‘San Quentin Prison’, and as an inspiration of songwriter Liam’s, he made the correlation between his band’s real working-class tales and rebellious attitude.


Now, in 2022, the boys are in fine fettle to take the upcoming year by storm. This time out, they have featured as a BBC Introducing’s Ones to Watch, and they have also headlined a 400-person sold-out This Feeling show in their hometown. 


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Talking about the release, the band said: “This song was inspired by a conversation with a friend. They were saying, modern day romance is like a Mexican standoff. The first to reply is the first to be done. Hearing this I decided to use it as an opening line for the song. Overall the process of writing came quickly, but this has been my favourite song to create so far. The riffs are all fast paced and spaced out to create that tension. The second verse talks about the "Black Mirror'' culture we have created and become so accustomed to.”


If ‘You Got Some Nerve’ is their final product of this year, San Quentin are going out on a high.


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