ALI RICE Unveils Poignant Release 'Night Call'

Published on 3 December 2022 at 02:57


'Night Call', the latest release from Bristol's Ali Rice is a welcome introduction to the vocally gifted songwriter and performer. Writing and producing his music from his bedroom Rice's output is legitimately DIY, which is nothing short of impressive.


His latest single, 'Night Call', follows up earlier 2022 releases 'If Only' and 'Passenger'. The track starts almost misleadingly with a folk-like introduction before giving way to an entirely listenable indie-rock track. About the song, Ali Rice himself says: " is an indie rock love song about trying to rekindle a romantic spark, and dealing with all the lust and frustration it can cause..."


Rice lists Sam Fender and U2 amongst others as his influences, and his songwriting reflects as such; 'Night Call' is a carefully constructed almost indie-pop release that allows his vocal to take center stage.



As with his previous releases, Ai Rice's songwriting style here has a storyline that pulls the listener in. On 'Night Call', he laments about rekindling a former romantic spark - and the frustration and longing this can cause. His songwriting themes across his catalogue are entirely relatable and here in particular the lyrics are delivered with a certain authenticity that really stands out. 


'Night Call' is a real standout release from a talented and genuine songwriter. The song expands a growing and frankly brilliant library of releases the artist has produced since 2020 and rounds-off his 2022 with purpose.


'Night Call; is out now on all major streaming platforms and you can listen to the track below.


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