SOFY - Omeara, London 30/11/22

Published on 3 December 2022 at 21:00

By Jozef Kostecki



It has been a hectic 2022 for SOFY. The group have had 2 songs clear 500,000 Spotify streams, have played Glastonbury as well as a host of other festivals, and had their August release ‘Big Talk’ featured on the FIFA 23 soundtrack. It’s been non-stop for the group, but with the year coming to a close they had one last hurrah, taking to the stage for a headline show at London’s Omeara.


Intertwining songs both old and new, the band would unleash tracks from their upcoming EP ‘Bored in Colour Pt 2’, as well as playing what brought them to the dance, all whilst keeping the London crowd in the palm of their hand. Undeniably it takes serious guts to perform an hour-plus set with just 9 songs released to the wider world, but the whole band took the challenge in their stride and with the help of a willing crowd the new songs went down as well as the old.


The audience who in large had caught SOFY across festival season played their part, but so did the band. Never letting the quality or the atmosphere of the night drop, the band had plenty of tricks up their sleeves adding a cover and a drinking game to an already excellent set. 


More than just an indie-pop band, front woman  Sophie pushed her vocal range on songs such as ‘Sorry That You’re Mine’ and ‘Game Over’ far further than a studio recording might allow. It was undeniably impressive and confirmed one thing for sure, that girl can f*cking sing. She might not have pictured herself as a singer in a band a few years earlier, and she might be absolutely bang average at FPL each year, but by God she can sing. 


This isn’t my show, this is our show.” Sophie says whilst trying not to shed a couple tears, a statement that throughout the whole night was clear she really meant. Frequently stating how great each band member was, imploring the crowd to cheer at the mention of their names, instrument, or just the fact that one of them has only gone and got himself a girlfriend. She refers to the band as her siblings, and that energy shows; they come across as a family from the first song to the last. It’s not just saying the words, but the little touches, from one of the band casually tweaking Sophie’s guitar as she plays, to all their mannerisms it’s a lot more than just lip service. 


The word that sprung to mind upon first hearing SOFY is the same word that springs to mind a year on, polished. This is an undeniably polished band, far better than any act with less than 2 years of experience should be. Far better live than any band who haven’t played a show in 3 months should be. Far better than just about everything else that has been released over the last 12 or so months, and likely far better than whoever you’ve got tickets to see next. With one show announced as of right now for 2023, SOFY is an undeniable must-see for any who can.

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