CULTURES Release Reflective Track 'If I Could' Which Heralds A Welcome Return For The Trio

Published on 11 December 2022 at 22:06


Manchester band Cultures have returned after a quiet period, at least release wise, with their new single 'If I Could'. This new release was preceded by the well received 'I'm Not Alone' which was released a year previously. Cultures have been gigging during that period, however the general absence has allowed them to focus on writing music and to almost relaunch the band.


'If I Could' is a near-perfect track.  Coming in at just over three minutes in length, the song has already racked up almost 50,000 streams on Spotify alone, making it the band's most popular release to date. It isn't difficult to see why either. The song starts off fairly understated and sounding almost melancholic before bursting into life. The song is atmospheric and reflects a poised return from the trio.



Of the release, frontman and guitarist Josh Spivey had this to say: It is a reflection on life and losing someone you love close to you and seeing them go through pain,”. This explanation reveals the true nature of the song. From starting off subdued the song morphs into something almost joyous.


Culture are geared up for a huge 2023. With more single releases to come and a string of live shows on the horizon both within their native Manchester and further afield, the band appear to be as focused as ever. 'If I Could' heralds a new dawn for the band and here at Our Sound Music are very excited to see what the future holds for them.

You can listen to 'If I Could' via our streaming link below:


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