Published on 13 December 2022 at 11:20

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to the latest round-up of indie tunes for your listening pleasure. We’ll dive straight in with this week’s Single Of The Week, which comes from The Lathums. The darlings of indie pop dropped another track from their upcoming, second album. The track, called ‘Turmoil’ exhibits soft tones and angelic vocals that offer a fresh side to the band’s sound. Their usual jangly indie pop gives way to a stripped-back and emotive sonic makeup. The band’s album, From Nothing To A Little Bit More, is due for release in February. 


Next up this week is the new track from New Town. The Scottish band released ‘Spark’ late last month. Showcasing the band’s jangly and melodic indie sound, the track centres around themes of trying to hold onto memories of your youth, while also longing for a bright future. The tune ends a progressive year for the group, who will kickstart their 2023 with their biggest headline to date at the King tuts next month. 


Next on this week’s list comes the solo artist Zoe Sky Jordan. Her new tune, titled ‘Just Fine’, sees Jordan adopting a bolder persona. Sloshy guitars, bouncing drums and hypnotic vocals come together to create an angsty and reflective song. The song was released alongside another single, titled ‘Achievement of Youth’, and both of these will feature on Jordan’s upcoming album. 


Next is the latest drop from Inadequate Flaws. Their new tune is called ‘Mine’ and is the third single from the group, and develops their indie rock sound. It features a more subtle sound that frames themes of love with gentle guitars and drums. The band are also set for more releases in the new year.


Now while we don’t tend to include covers on this list, this next one was just too good to miss out. It’s the debut release from the Manchester-based band, The Gospel and is a cover of the Velvet Underground’s ‘I Found A Reason'. The band give the tune a festive twist, adding a dark twist on the classic tune. Its deep vocals and gothic sound put it somewhere between Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen. A great tune for a late winter night. 


Moving on to our next featured single, which comes from Berries. The garage-rock trio dropped their new tune, ‘Spiral’ earlier this month. It’s a tune that adds to their developing platform with catchy choruses, noisy guitars and infectious rhythms. Revolving around the concept of not being able to open up about serious things, the tune also carries a poignant message. The band are set to take ‘Spiral’ on the road in the Spring. 


Finally, this week is a contender for your festive playlists. It’s called ‘Christmas Time’ and comes from The Ben Drake Collective. The song was written for The Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust, and sees Ben capturing the spirit of Christmas. Subtle pianos form the core of the tune which also sees Ben’s soft vocals laid bare. All the money raised by the track will go to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust.


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