CHAPPAQUA WRESTLING - The Old Blue Last, London 15/12/22

Published on 18 December 2022 at 09:17

By Lewis Barlow


2022 has been a busy year for the Mancunian quintet and they ended this year with a bang. A year that saw them added to the soundtrack for Fifa 23,  a seven date U.K tour followed by a Brixton Academy support for Blossoms has helped propel Chappaqua Wrestling into the indie rock stratosphere.


Having watched these talented individuals at Peckham Audio in October, flanked by one of the best emerging bands I've discovered this year (Gurriers), my expectations were high and they delivered tenfold. 


I don't think I've watched a more aesthetically appealing band than Chappaqua Wrestling. There's something about a dual vocal lead playing opposite-handed guitarist that stimulates my chaotic mind in a way I could never explain. The functionality of having two distinctly different voices is severely underrated and I find myself flabbergasted everytime I see them play live. 


Every single band member plays a pivotal part in their live performance and I found myself transfixed on every musician at different points throughout the set. Considering that they were only announced 6 days before the show, it was sardines from the front to the back - a testament to the loyal and vocal fanbase that C.W have built over the last few years.