JEWELIA Ends A Triumphant 2022 With Astounding Track 'The Comfort Of Falling'

Published on 20 December 2022 at 08:41

Photo: Andy Denyer



The sort of song everyone that feels stuck in transition and regretting their life choices needs to hear on the cusp of the new year, Jewelia’s ‘The Comfort of Falling’ approaches growing up and coming to terms with the choices we have made and the paths that lead us to where we are.


It is inspired by the fig tree metaphor in Sylvia Plath’s classic novel ‘The Bell Jar’ as the London-based singer/songwriter and producer glides through an acoustic-led ballad that delivers emotional heights and featherily vocals.


Explaining the song in her own words: As a kid, I was good at many things, including maths and science, so to many people it came as a surprise that I wanted to be a musician. Years later I went to Law school and dropped out, to make music instead. Sometimes I wonder what these other paths would have been for me, but we only have one life, and we can’t be everything, and do everything we want to do. We have to choose. It’s a scary thought, how every choice we make shapes our life irreversibly. 


Photo: Andy Denyer


The song is a strong reminder that everything will be okay one day. If it isn’t right now, it ultimately will turn out the way it’s meant to be eventually. Jewelia, although very smart in other areas, found her best version in the form of tender-hearted music, and her past decisions have led her to over 1.2 million views on her YouTube channel and over 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.


Her story is magnificent, and her music is even more so. What finer way to end 2022 than with the bang that is ‘The Comfort of Falling’.