The Buffet Release The Adrenaline-Filled Single 'She Got High'

Published on 20 December 2022 at 09:01

Words: Robin Mumford


From the brewing town of Burton upon Trent, The Buffet have fermented their own hearty deoch an doris for the year with the production of ‘She Got High’. Once described as “IDLES meets Blur and jumps into bed for a fumble with the Arctic Monkeys”, The Buffet came to life through the love of music that Dave, Bez, Rich, and Andi have shared since 2019.


Now three years stronger, you can map out their development as a band through the release of ‘She Got High’, the fourth and strongest production from the Anxiety Project EP scheduled for unveiling in 2023. 


In The Buffet’s discography, their newest single is certainly the full-bodied drink of the meal. The one that will get you wobbling almost instantaneously. It’s also under two minutes, showcases the band’s glaring adrenaline, and features an industrial snare – it is inevitably your new favourite ale pouring out of Burton that you’ll want to knock back. 



Whilst in past years you’ve found them having fun in pubs and featuring at the F! event at Silverstone, next year may just be their calling for bigger and better. With their bone-shaking aggression that flows through the heart of the song, you should expect a pretty lively encounter if they happen to wash up in your local.