HURRICANE #1 Make Triumphant Return With New 3-Track Single

Published on 1 January 2023 at 21:48

Photo: Alex Lowe/Hurricane #1


Music fans of a certain age will be well aware of the story of Hurricane #1. Formed by Andy Bell (who went on to feature in Oasis) in 1997, they quickly signed to Alan McGee's now legendary Creation Records. Their debut album sold over a million records worldwide and spawned several memorable singles including 'Step Into My World' and  'Just Another Illusion'. A follow up album appeared a couple of years later before the band split with frontman Alex Lowe pursing a solo career. 


Several years later Hurricane #1 become active again, fronted by their driving force Lowe and featuring Chris Campbell on drums and brothers Carlo and Lucas Mariani on guitar and bass respectively. Andy Bell featured on the poignant single 'Think Of The Sunshine' which Lowe wrote while undergoing treatment for cancer.

In 2016 the band carried out a sold-out tour of Japan and in the same year they released the Danny Saber produced album 'Melodic Rainbows'. Since 2019, Hurricane #1 have been performing as a three-piece with Stuart Fletcher of The Seahorses joining with Lowe and Campbell on bass guitar. This is the incarnation we see today, and just last week the band heralded a new chapter in their history with the release of a new three-track single. 



'Autopilot Man' is unashamed rock 'n' roll. The guitar riff is sure to drill down into your brain and live there for the not too distant future, facing competition only from the catch refrain of the chorus. 'Shine On Mr Harvey' is the highlight of this new material. For fans of 90's US melodic college-rock the song will evoke waves of nostalgia. The open chords and airy melody recalls an era of time gone by that will appeal to older heads and people discovering Hurricane #1 at the same time. The song is a true testament to Lowe's songwriting. 'The Reason' shows Lowe's maturity as a songwriter. It is a traditional song with a sense of comforting melancholy that is reflected in both the chord progression and the lyrics. 


Before hearing these three new tracks, I must admit I was expecting something different. 'Autopilot Man' perhaps ticks the boxes in that regard with it being no-nonsense rock. However, the other two tracks show the band in a different light and of being criminally underrated songwriters. If you have been sleeping on Hurricane #1 for several years, which admittedly this writer has been, then now is the time to dive back in.


Hurricane #1 release their new album 'Backstage Waiting To Go On' later this year with a tour in the works too.  


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