'How To Buy Happiness', The Great Track From From MODERN GUILT Seals The Band's Intentions

Published on 25 January 2023 at 17:30

By Craig McInnes


Hailed by This Feeling as one of the best new bands on the scene and previously championed by the likes of Bobby Gillespie & BBC Radio’s Shell Zenner - London’s Modern Guilt are back again with a fresh new single, How to Buy Happiness. The single was supported on its release by radio DJ’s & presenting icons such as Steve Lamacq and John Kennedy - both with a rousing seal of approval for the bands latest drop. The three-piece are are re-igniting and modernizing their era and genre influences in a strong flame of colour. 


Produced by Mikey Buckley, 'How To Buy Happiness' is a hopeless tale of desperation and longing, something that comes instantly to mind is a Western. It speaks of a story of a man who believes that having enough money will make him happy and how he pursues this idea. The song’s music creates a welcome soundtrack of Americana and Garage Rock. By this quick take it tells straight away why this song was instantly loved by fans and music lovers alike. 



The song comes along with a brand new music video for the band featuring their first ever live performance in a setting and with a persona that are reminiscent of spaghetti westerns from the past and the Coen brothers’ “No Country for Old Men.” Directed by well known filmmaker Ross Scott - the video captures the song perfectly and the fit between the two is something that just makes the viewing that extra more special on the eye. 


The brilliance of this song lies in its nonchalant nature, backed by veritable natural talent. If you haven’t heard this band then this is certainly your sign to change that - these London boys are set for the bigger stage.