RUTH TEELING Bares All With Personal New Release ‘Love Of A Lifetime’

Published on 29 January 2023 at 13:18

Words: Max Bradfield


Dublin based singer-songwriter Ruth Teeling has today released her latest track ‘Love Of A Lifetime’. In what is a personal, dramatic piece of guitar-powered folk – Ruth lays her feelings toward a significant other open for the world to see. 


There’s a beautiful simplicity in this track, as for the most part it’s just Teeling’s pure voice, layered backing vocal and acoustic – projecting out this story of devotion as she tells of her lover being her ‘safe space, happy place and shoulder to cry on.’ Subtle nuances can be found aside from the three aforementioned main bodies. There’s a quiet electric presence in parts, as well as emotive keys that prop up a reverb-y finish in the final quarter. 


If not already evident in this passionate ballad, it should be said that 26-year-old Ruth knows her stuff. After studying at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) for four years, it has culminated in her honing and improving her song writing craft. An exciting aspect of this release is that it fronts the beginning of 12 releases throughout 2023. In this veritable monthly treat, February’s release ‘Us’ is up next. 


About ‘Love Of A Lifetime’, Ruth said:  The song is about finding forever in someone, that you could fall in love a hundred times but it would never be as easy or as worthwhile as it is with that person. The first verse is based on, what was at the time, a routine I had with that someone.  Just chatting about their day and about life and while some of the stuff you discuss may be trivial or mundane to someone else, it feels as though you're the only two people in the world and you can just feel yourself falling hard for them.”



Produced by Rohan Healy of Beardfire Studios, the end result is a delight. Again, about her new single, Ruth went on to say: 

The song was one of those songs that really wrote itself. I initially got the idea from a late night chat with someone very special to me. We were talking and they happened to say 'You are my safe space, happy place, shoulder to cry on' and the minute they said it I wrote it down as I thought it'd make a great lyric. The next day I woke up and sat down with my guitar and the song just poured out of me in the space of about thirty minutes. I always find that my best or strongest songs are the ones that come from personal experience and that was definitely the case with this one.”