Published on 31 January 2023 at 18:37

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to the latest new single round-up from Our Sound Music. We’ve put together the following list of some of the latest and greatest from the indie music scene. As always, the first up is our Single Of The Week. This week it’s the new tune from Saloon Dion, a band who’ve caught the attention of this list before. The Bristol-based post-punks have dropped ‘I Don’t Feel’, a tune that showcases a groovy rhythm section against soaring vocals and wobbly guitar lines. All of these combine to make an optimistically gloomy atmosphere. Centring around themes of reluctance, the track also forms the first taste of the group's forthcoming EP, due for release later this year. The band are also set to support Pip Blom on their soon-to-start UK tour.


Next is the hotly tipped English Teacher with the inverted ‘Song About Love’. The tune, released on Speedy Wunderground, sees the band exploring the music’s inevitable focus on love. These themes are augmented by thick bass lines and raw instrumentation that swells into an intoxicating soundscape, embodying the bombardment we all face from love-themed songs. A great cut from one of post-punk's rising stars. up is Beauty Pageant, a six-piece rock band hailing from Dublin. The group dropped “I’ll Try To Start Again” last week; a track that builds on the sound of its predecessor - the band’s debut drop. The gleaming synths that took a backseat there are now front and centre, while soft vocals and clean guitars add further comfort to the song’s core. ..up next on this week’s list is The Great Leslie with their fresh track, ‘Can’t Touch’. Depicting the feelings felt at the first signs of a breakup, the track is a continuation of their nostalgic indie sound; featuring catchy choruses, snappy lyricism and bright guitar tones. Its parent EP, 'The End and The Beginning’ will be the first of three this year, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for sure... This week’s next track comes from Ruth Teeling. The singer, also from Dublin, dropped ‘Love Of A Lifetime’ last week, a song that shows a personal side to the 26-year-old solo artist. Centring around the deep feelings felt when you find your perfect match, the track features Teeling’s comforting vocals laid against folky guitars and further complimented by gentle layered on this week’s list is The Neon Cars, a four-piece indie band from Cork. The group have been gigging across Ireland and the UK, and their new tune ‘Hold Onto It’ is sure to add to the excitement that surrounds them. Featuring rock sensibilities wrapped around distinctive vocals and snappy guitars, the song is as infectious as it is uplifting. Their best track to date....finally, for this week we’ve got another solo artist up next in George Hennessey. The singer’s new track, ‘Memory Lane’ showcases his brit-pop influences with its shimmering guitars and arching vocals. Focussing on the relief the singer feels about emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, the track evokes high-octane feelings of accomplishment. ‘Memory Lane’ is the final track to be released ahead of Hennessey’s debut album, due out this Friday. 


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