Hull Four-Piece BEDSIT Present Exciting Debut EP ‘Dead Bands’

Published on 2 February 2023 at 09:27

Words: Max Bradfield


Bedsit’s  EP is out on Friday and it’s a grungy bundle of energy. Arriving via their own independent label Forever Underdogs, this four track EP is set to impress not only as it is self-produced but also as it’s a great blast of guitar driven madness. 


The band kicks off the EP like a punch in the face. ‘Drip Feed’ throws up swirling gain from the start as the ear tries to navigate the screeching feedback and scratching guitar. Thumping, heavy drums go hand in hand with a boisterous bass. The beginning is somewhat reminiscent of Devo's ‘Uncontrollable Urge’. The band chant and laugh in parts as you can imagine they would - overlooking the inevitable moshes breaking out in a sweaty, heaving mess. Get your breath back for track two. 


Go Outside’ is an up-tempo follow up and gives a further platform to dance and rive among the crowd. There are harmonies amidst euphoric breakouts from lead singer Tom Hockney. Before the change of pace at halfway, the drumbeat is exhaustingly quick. It’s almost like it was stopped on medical grounds before the song winds down in a somewhat slower conclusion. 


The titular ‘Dead Bands’ is probably the most mellow of the four, if you could say that. There is still an undeniable pace whether that be the plucky bass or drums underneath an unstoppably buoyant tubular guitar. Lyrical delivery hits prangs of 80s new wave and shows the band’s further influences (like Fugazi for instance). That said, it must be made clear that Bedsit have very much formed their own sound. 


‘Eloquent’ is the final track of the EP and brings forth an excellent big finish. It’s only 1:50 long, but has a surging energy that is bound to leave audiences absolutely shattered in venues wherever the band heads next. Get ready to chant ‘Bedsit! Bedsit! Bedsit!’ as the band are set to go on tour coinciding with this release.


February live shows: 

Fri 10 Huddersfield Northern Quarter

Thu 16 Sheffield Washington

Fri 17 Bradford Underground

Sat 18 Hull Dive HUS

Fri 24 Scarborough Indigo Alley

Sat 25 Stockton NE Volume Bar



Sun 19 Hull New Adelphi Club

Sat 25 Scunthorpe Cafe Indie


From the band:

From the opening feedback-drenched power of Drip Feed to the final chaotic absurdities of Eloquent, you may hear Fugazi, Husker Du, Buffalo Tom or the Dead Kennedys as reference points, occasionally even Discharge in the coruscating guitar sounds, but all four tracks retain an identity that remain unique and consistent to BEDSIT throughout.


The EP is about the chaos and uncertainty of modern times,” says the band, “the struggle for meaning and motivation. We all have the sense that something isn’t right. We often get cynical and angry. But occasionally, we get a glimpse of the magical – a moment of ecstasy – and that relief is worth living for.”


The EP is available tomorrow (Fri the 3rd) on CD and via all major streaming and download platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, TIDAL, Deezer and Soundcloud.