BOX OF TRASH’s ‘Hypnotised’ Likely To Leave Listeners In A Trance

Published on 2 February 2023 at 09:49

Words: Max Bradfield


Scottish band Box Of Trash released their latest single last Friday. The band from Ayr present ‘Hypnotised’, a track that is one of a string of exciting releases. Contrary to their band name, it’s far from trash…


With a heavy dramatic sound from the outset, ‘Hypnotised’ feels like a real statement of intent from the four-piece. The listener is hit by gain-soaked guitar chords and an introductory slithering symbol straight away. This one really is a dark and brooding tune and out of the instrumental arrives a vocal delivery from lead Lyle Kennedy that has a foreboding speakerphone-like quality. 


Within, come shapeshifting sounds that prop up the chorus. The guitar and bass mangles away, as the band adds what sounds like a touch of strings to the concoction. Then, out of this compound explodes an impressive solo from guitarist Barry Fisher that is backed up by a bounding drum beat. Paired, these really take the tune to the epic next level. 


So, what do the band have to say about their latest release? 

It’s another one of ours born out of a daydream type of scenario. It’s about living a mind numbingly boring existence, and meeting somebody who feels the exact same and the two of them go in search of excitement and finding it in the simplest of things like being mesmerised and ‘Hypnotised’ by stars in the sky.”


Well, building on this cosmic theme, the band are looking to hit light speed as this release tees them up for their debut album drop in March. This album, which has been recorded across the pond in Chicago, is sure to see the group pick up new followers here and abroad. That said, it’ll be a welcome addition to already an impressive string of admirers.