'Let's Just Leave It' Is The New Statement Single From Rising Pop Outfit OPEN ARMS

Published on 9 February 2023 at 00:20

Words: Robin Mumford


Let’s Just Leave It’ is the eclectic new song from Open Arms. It marks a new era of experimental music for the band as they open their 2023 account with a statement single that adds strength and depth to last year’s impressive archive.  


Written at the close of the 2020 pandemic, the track acts as a musical representation of how life felt before, during and after a year when everything changed. From jangling guitars and ever changing vocal styles to the electronic sample elements, it can appear quite anarchic (but peculiarly enjoyable!).


Accompanied by a music video, the single further revolves around repeated loop sections of percussion and bass which sit beneath an external glistening of harsh guitars and a psychedelic synth rhythm.


Open Arms frontman and lyricist Ben Farmer explains: “'Let's Just Leave It' is self-referential, it's a record of a time in my life where things seemed a bit all over the place. One particular line which I think sums the song up is in the second verse; "I try to follow my dreams but I can't sleep". I feel like this line really accurately captures how a lot of us feel having spoken to people about trying to get more from life than just a 9 - 5 job which inevitably takes over everything else. 

“More specifically, the song deals with the apathy I have towards certain social situations. There's nothing worse than building yourself up for a party or an event or something and it being totally anticlimactic - and the worst part is everyone else in the room usually knows it too. So you're just there, and that environment creates friction and a tense atmosphere. I think the phrase "Let's Just Leave It" is quite emotionally loaded. Without giving too much away, you could probably guess the context in which I said this which then inspired the song


Fusing together addictive indie-pop hues with a careful pinch of dance-rock makes for an infectious bedlam of soundscapes. It is only when the lyrics and their meaning are decoded that the earlier anarchy we spoke about becomes a well-rounded track perfect in highlighting the Birmingham-based band’s plans for the future. 


Open Arms are experimenting with their sound, and it’s made for a good first release of 2023. Whatever you expect their next song to sound like, don’t bother pinning your hopes on it. They always catch you off guard. It’s messy but effective. It’s chaotic but moreish.