FEVERJAW Herald A New Era With Their Anthemic New Single ‘When You Know’

Published on 9 February 2023 at 00:45

Words: Max Bradfield


On Friday, Welsh rock trio Feverjaw unleashed their latest single. As the title of this article describes, ‘When You Know’ ushers in a new period for the band. It comes off their forthcoming EP ‘Intention Of Malice’ as 2023 already shows signs of being a potentially big year. 


This punchy and direct tune sounds ideal for the live scene, and while listening you’re almost transported from the dreary UK winter to the sun kissed festival fields. With a catchy and anthemic chorus, whatever growing crowds the boys from South Wales play in front of are sure to get involved.


Frontman Dale Hawkins said of his band’s release: 

The track is about seizing the day and grabbing the moment. I wanted a track that raised spirits.” 

The song was recorded in their home studio. Hawkins continued:

 “‘When You Know’’ was recorded in our home studio setup; we have taken this recording method for a batch of songs and we have found the process to be seamless, easy and pleasing with its results.



Written in 2022 between a hectic run of live shows, ‘When You Know’ adds to an ever improving arsenal of songs and sounds like an engaging addition to an already respectable live performance. 

Praise for the band from elsewhere…


“This is a composition that is equal parts gritty and delicate, murky and colourful, high octane and laid back. Feverjaw manage to chart a path through this sea of confusion to create something masterful and memorable”.Rock At Night on previous track ‘Midsommar’.


As boisterous guitars meet the clash of drums, sparks fly. It’s gritty rock music, delivered in a fresh and exciting new way.” Becky and the Bands on previous track ‘Bloodwork’.