New APOLLO JUNCTION Single 'By The River' Breathes Life Into 80's Inspired Rock

Published on 12 February 2023 at 09:40

By Lewis Barlow


I've seen many bands trying to replicate the nostalgic synth sound of the 80s and bring it to a modern audience to no avail, but Apollo Junction might well have tapped into that market with a sledgehammer. The underlying drum pad that introduces the single lingers throughout the track and acts as a metronome for this head-bopping tune, slowly layered with the dulcet tones of the singer and tipped over the edge by the tremolo picked guitar.


To the naked ear it does sound like a very simplistic record, no extravagant key changes or time signatures but neither of those are necessary when it comes to creating an anthem. "By The River" is one that crowds will bellow back to the band with an emphatic grin on their face.


After the first listen I found myself smiling from ear to ear, encompassed by a feeling of nostalgia that has been alien for a long time. The production on "By The River" is top notch, hats off to whoever produced this as they've done a great job showcasing A.J. in all their glory


To refer to a tune as an "ear worm" is one of the best compliments I could give a new song after hearing it a few time, vocalist Jamie Williamson’s voice echoes through the dreamy mix and the splicing of what I can only assume is a glockenspiel/xylophone adds a secondary layer of serotonin that is hard to replicate.


I am thoroughly impressed with By The River courtesy of one of the most exciting bands on the indie scene right now. Well done Apollo Junction, I cannot wait to hear more of the same.


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