Published on 3 March 2023 at 10:37

Curated by Adam Wright


Here we are again with the latest round-up of the singles that have most caught our eye this week. Of course, we’re starting with this week’s Single Of The Week, which comes from Come At The King. The London-based band’s new tune, ’Good Bad Influence’. Having already courted attention with their proceeding releases, the band’s new song develops their grandiose and nostalgic blues rock sound. Stripped-back guitars give way to a raucous wall of sound plays like a statement of intent from the fast-developing trio.

The Oxford six-piece, The People Versus are next with their atmospheric new single ‘Lonely Teen’. The track pushes and reassesses their dreamy pop sound, featuring grittier guitar lines mixed with infectious electronics to create a fresh-sounding and atmospheric track. The sound of the record reflects its subject matter, which centres around personal feelings ultimately having no influence on the bigger picture... next up this week is Opal Skies, whose new song, ‘No Choice’, is a bold political statement that throws shade at the powerful elite in our society. Their statement is emboldened by a rocking and enthralling sound that combines influences from hip-hop and metal, propelling it forward. ‘No Choice’ is the second of five scheduled singles for 2023, suggesting there’s a lot to be excited about....Next is Beck, who has returned with his first release since his Grammy-winning Hyperspace album. The single, called ‘Thinking About You’, has been well worth waiting for. It sees his angelic and soulful vocals sitting atop acoustic guitar tones and keyboards, and creates an atmosphere of contemplative bliss...Orwells ’84 are next with their new track 'It's What They Want’. The track is the first single from the Dundalk-based band's upcoming debut album, and features an infectious and uplifting sound. Expansive and memorable choruses are sewn together by lush and minimalist guitars and drums, soft backing vocals and plain lyricism. Its parent album already looks like a good one and comes out later this year...synth-focused heavy hitters, Hippo Campus are next on this week’s list with 'Kick In The Teeth'. The song, which is an ode to a lover, features warm tones of blissful synth-pop that float gently beneath equally comforting vocals. Coming alongside the announcement of an EP - released in April - we can be sure that the indie-pop giants are well and truly back...lastly, this week is the new tune from Love You Later. Her new tune, titled ‘Girl With Headphones’, combines pulsing synths and pop sweetness, as well as dreamy vocals, to create a soothing and nostalgic song of cinematic quality. The song is the first single from its parent EP, which is due out in May.


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