Glasgow’s MARTIN LEARY Returns With His First Release Of 2023: A Double A-side Single ‘It’s Time’/’Be Present’

Published on 3 March 2023 at 07:40

Words: Max Bradfield


The indie-rock and alternative artist Martin Leary returns with his first work of the year with this double sided single. 


As contrasting as the colours on the stunning Van Gogh-like album art, ‘It’s Time’ and ‘Be Present’ show two different sides of the Scot’s musical ability. ‘It’s Time’ is a moody and climatic track that pairs deep instrumental swells with high moments of vocal brilliance. This adds to an all-round climactic atmosphere as the song moves toward anthemic territory.


The “It’s Time” line on the chorus came first when just singing random stuff so the song was built around the message of time to move on. I just picture a scene from a movie for something like that when you’ve not much to go on and write what story I’m seeing in my head.”


Admittedly, ‘Be Present’ takes on a more direct sound and was actually interestingly enough inspired by the James Bond franchise. About this positive song that embodies the sense of holding no regrets, Leary feels it’s his strongest work to date. On the song and its inspiration, the artist recalled:

“I was just strumming away on an acoustic guitar with a sense of seeing where it takes you. Chords and melody usually come together, and they did for the chorus and from that I wrote verses to try and fit what the chorus is saying. I wrote it not long after watching James Bond Skyfall so that had an influence on the chord progression/style…


Both of these tracks were recorded at HQ Glasgow and credit comes shared with the mastering of Gregor McPhie and the backing vocal presence of Leary’s lead guitarist, Calum Doherty. Leary, who claims influences in The Beatles and Richard Ashcroft, is looking to have a big year. These tracks help set him on the right path, as does his determined touring ethic. Leary is supporting the band Marseille in both Edinburgh and Glasgow on the 10th and 11th of March, respectively.


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