DUMB BELLES Provide The Soundtrack For Women's History Month With New Single 'Alrighty Aphrodite'

Published on 4 March 2023 at 11:08

By Alyce Ruby


Texan trio Dumb Belles recently released their third single ‘Alrighty Aphrodite’ – a dreamy ode to femme friendship inspired by their own story of childhood friendship and forming a band. The women-led ensemble consists of: Erika Parris - keys/vocals, Kristin Davis – vocals/guitar and Sophia Kurihara – bass/guitar (with Aaron Böhle on drums). 


Alrighty Aphrodite’ is led by jangly guitar strums, a subtle drum beat and funky bass; a combination that feels nostalgic and comforting. Smooth, ethereal vocals and melodies float over the music so effortlessly, Aphrodite herself would be proud. The stripped-back bridge really showcases the art of layering in the song, with each component of the track coming in one by one before the chorus kicks in one last time. 


Photo: Sophia Kurihara


The lyricism in the song embraces the beauty of female relationships, “your advice isn’t taken lightly, you always say the words just right, it’s probably why we never fight/don’t care if this road’s confusing, as long as you’re there too” – relying on one another and willing to go through anything together. It’s a love song devoted to the women in our lives. 


‘Alrighty Aphrodite’ is out now, just in time for and the perfect soundtrack to Women’s History Month.