THE LUKA STATE - 'More Than This'

Published on 15 March 2023 at 17:40

By Lewis Barlow


Second album syndrome exists but thankfully does not apply here. An album I've been thoroughly anticipating ever since their debut in 2021, the second LP from the Cheshire quartet exceeded every and all expectations. 


Every single song feels meticulously placed on the album for one reason or another - whether it's the "Shoot the Runner" inspired opening track or the anthemic title track "More Than This", the general cohesiveness of this project cannot be understated. The guttural angst of Conrad Ellis belting out thought provoking lyrics such as "no food on the table, did I mention that? " are backed up by an exquisite vocal melody.  


Instrumentation is tight and the vocals are like a pack of Walkers...crisps! A more polished album in comparison to their first full length which, while still a great listen, doesn't hold a candle to the production on this record. The Luka State packed a huge punch with this album, showcasing the great elements of indie/alternative rock and splicing important messages within the lyrics. 


I would be doing a disservice to The Luka State by not mentioning the incredible work behind the scenes that they've been up to with regards to More Than This. All profits made from this album will be donated to The Trussell Trust, helping underprivileged children in the band's local area. A beautiful sentiment that's encapsulated in the album's lead single, a musical middle finger to the torrid government.


I cannot wait to jump around like a gammon on the Charlie after a hard day's graft in the city at their headline London show later this month, the infectious energy from this record will have everybody dancing. The album doesn't overstay its welcome either, clocking in at a measly 38 minutes for a 12 track album. I do think that works in The Luka State's favour however, as I find myself playing the album again as soon as it finished, clamouring for more feel-good rock music. Lacklustre tracks such as "Tightrope" and "Swimming Backwards" can't be held to the same regard as the rest of the album, but overall this is a very good record and one you should go out of your way to listen to.


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