CIAN DUCROT - Manchester 10/03/23

Published on 11 March 2023 at 03:56

By Scott Reid


I like a lot of things from Ireland, such as Guinness, Tayto Crisps, B*Witched, and of course their Eurovision entries, which have won a record seven times. However, the latest addition to 'The List of Stuff Scott Likes from Ireland' is the singer-songwriter Cian Ducrot. Cian has experienced a surge in popularity following the viral success of his song 'All for You' on TikTok. The track reached number 19 on the UK Singles Chart, propelling Cian into the spotlight. In fact, it was only last week when Cian was named the “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” in his home-country’s RTA Choice Music Prize.  His talent and upcoming performance as a supporting act on Ed Sheeran's UK and European Tour have captured the attention of many music fans, resulting in a series of sold-out shows across the UK.


As I arrived at the O2 Ritz Manchester, I was struck by the grandeur of the building. The venue has a rich history, originally opening in 1928 as a ballroom and has since played host to many iconic performers, including The Beatles and David Bowie. The blistering cold weather hit me as I made my way towards the entrance, but the crowds outside seemed unfazed, buzzing with excitement to see Cian perform. The ornate architecture and grand entrance of the building made for an impressive sight. It was clear that the O2 Ritz Manchester was a special venue, with a rich history that I couldn't wait to experience firsthand, an experience I am lucky to have had many times in this venue. 


The concert began with an energetic performance by Sadie Jean, a rising star who gained fame through TikTok. Her viral hit "WYD" had the crowd singing and dancing along. At just 20 years old and hailing from California, Sadie Jean has already made a significant impact in the music industry with just two released songs that have amassed over 150 million streams on Spotify. The audience was in for a treat as Sadie Jean surprised everyone with some new pieces, showcasing her versatility and potential for even greater success in the future. Sadie's performance was a true resonance with the audience. Her soulful voice and poignant lyrics struck a chord with those in attendance, evoking raw emotions and feelings that come with heartbreak. It was evident that her performance spoke to a deep part of the audience, with many moved by the honesty and vulnerability of her music. Sadie's ability to convey the pain and struggles of breakups through her music was truly remarkable. 


The anticipation in the air was palpable as the O2 Ritz Manchester building filled to capacity in preparation for Cian's performance. The stage had been meticulously set, every light and piece of equipment perfectly positioned to create a visually stunning spectacle. As the crowd eagerly awaited the start of the show, the excitement grew with each passing moment. The energy in the room was electric, with fans buzzing with anticipation, eagerly anticipating the arrival of their favourite artist. The atmosphere was nothing short of electric, as the crowd eagerly awaited the opening chords of the first song, eager to be swept away by the magic of Cian's performance.


The crowd erupted in thunderous applause as Cian took the stage, clearly captivated by his audience and the love they have for him. With each song he performed, the crowd was swept away, entranced by his soulful voice and passionate delivery. The sight of lights from their phones waving in the air added to the enchantment of the moment, as the audience came together in a shared experience of pure joy and emotion. It was clear that Cian's music had the power to unite people, to transcend barriers and bring people together in a way that only the best artists can. The energy in the room was electric, as the audience hung on every note, every word, and every beat, completely lost in the magic of the moment.



There were several standout moments during Cian's performance, each one more poignant and unforgettable than the last. Perhaps one of the most touching moments was when he dedicated the song "All For You" to a close friend who had recently passed away. As Cian poured his heart and soul into the song, the audience was moved to tears, with many feeling a deep connection to the emotions he was expressing. The song was a beautiful tribute to a dear friend, and it was clear that Cian's performance was a deeply personal and meaningful moment for both himself and his fans.


But it was the performance of his hit single "I'll Be Waiting" that truly brought the house down. As the opening chords of the song filled the room, the crowd erupted in cheers and applause, singing along with every word. Cian's voice soared through the venue, filled with passion and raw emotion, as the audience was swept away by the magic of the moment. The energy in the room was electric, with fans dancing, singing, and waving their arms in the air, completely lost in the moment. It was a magical experience, a moment of pure joy and connection between artist and audience that will stay with those lucky enough to be there for a long time to come.


While Cian's performance was undoubtedly unforgettable, there was one moment that stood out to me for the wrong reasons. At the end of the show, a giant QR code was brought out for the audience to scan, promoting his newsletter and upcoming announcements. While I understand the importance of promotion in the music industry, the giant QR code felt somewhat jarring and out of place in the context of an otherwise immersive and emotionally charged performance. While I appreciate that Cian was trying to engage with his fans and promote his work, the sudden shift in tone from the music to the promo felt somewhat gimmicky and took away from the overall experience. Despite this small misstep, however, Cian's performance was still a powerful and unforgettable experience.


In summary, Cian's performance was truly impressive. While I had previously been aware of him through his viral choir flash mob videos, seeing him perform live made it clear that he is a talented artist with a bright future ahead of him. With his soulful voice, passionate delivery, and ability to connect with his audience, it was clear that Cian is destined for great things. This performance was just the beginning of what promises to be a very exciting and successful career for him, and I can't wait to see where his journey takes him next.