Stoke-Based CAMENS Present An Optimistic Ode To Escapism With ‘Jacket Weather’

Published on 15 March 2023 at 18:01

Words: Max Bradfield


Having started with a bang in 2022, Camens are looking to continue the momentum with ‘Jacket Weather’. This latest track looks to build the back of the collective 130,000 Spotify plays their last three releases have yielded.   


Beginning with a riveting falling drum beat, the pace is set as it’s immediately made clear that ‘this isn’t jacket weather anymore’. A lead guitar riff complements driving chords and strikes resemblance to indie mainstays like Circa Waves or even Two Door Cinema Club in parts without ripping them off by any means. There’s an individuality in the delivery of vocals and pairs seamlessly with surrounding instruments well to create an euphoric track that is perfect for the induction of spring. 


Admittedly labelled ‘a track for the light and dark’ it is set to provide ‘listeners with two-and-a-half minutes of technicolour respite from the grey monotony of everyday life.’



The band explainedWe love the idea of creating worlds with words and then trying to pick the listener up and take them there. One of our favourite songwriters Ray Davies was good at this. When you listen to ‘Waterloo Sunset’ or ‘Dead End Street’ you're transported to those places. I can imagine the sound of the Thames or the East End cold air. 


'Jacket Weather's scene/story is along those lines. Far from London though, it's more sun-baked concrete on the LA river, and we swap Terry and Julie for two star-crossed young Americans. They're poor, but when together carefree. The idea in 'this isn't Jacket Weather anymore' being that the sun coming out and you not needing your jacket is nice momentarily, but your life doesn’t fundamentally change in any way. It’s nice now, it will rain again eventually.


The band are correct in their summary. ‘Jacket Weather’ is a track that really harbours both optimism and realism. Spring is here, Summer after. Things will brighten up – especially for Camens.


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